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Wildlife Low Light

Here at VonZipper we are proud to announce the release of a Our new proprietary low light lens for snow goggles. A new lens crafted with the utmost precision to ensure that whatever your plans were, they have now been magnified to the tenth power, carry the two, and multiplied by awesome.

Energy: Our WildLife Low Light lens properly absorbs and balances scattered light which causes eye fatigue. Our lenses evenly disperse these light rays and give your senses a boost, increasing your ability to get wild!

Clarity: By cutting specific wavelengths in the spectral curve and utilizing premium optic grade materials, our WildLife Low Light lens intensifies visual acuity and true definition so you can enjoy the wilder things in life under a variety of challenging conditions.

Experience: The WildLife Low Light lens eliminates haze and enhances color specificially in situations where light is limited, improving contrast so you can live out your wildest fantasies by eliminating UVA and HEV rays as well as filtering out infrared light.

Two lens options: WildLife and WildLife Low Light.

Learn more about how WildLife lens technology works by going....HERE!

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