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WildLife Polarized Plus

Rise up and meet the demands of Mother Nature. VonZipper’s WildLife Polar+ lenses feature performance coatings that add extra benefits to the already supernaturally good glare reducing, energy preserving, and clarity inducing qualities of the WildLife Polar lenses. Our hydrophobic coatings repel water, sweat, and any other mysterious liquids that you’ll encounter throughout your wild pursuits. Additionally, an oleophobic coat is included to hide any evidence of oily stains and smears that your fingers may have left behind on the lens. Finally, a scratch-resistant hard coating is applied so your shades can still perform in even the roughest situations. So whether it’s catch-and-release while fishing or hunting beaver at your local haunt, our WildLife Polar+ lenses meet the demands of Mother Nature without question; so you don’t have to hide your eyes from nobody!

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